Fassisi T4

Rapid test to determine the TT4 level in serum, plasma and whole blood of cats to detect feline hyperthyroidism

  • Cost-efficient screening test to detect feline hyperthyroidism
  • Results available within a few minutes
  • High precision with a total test performance of 92,41%
  • Storage at roomtemperature
  • Totale Testperformance:
    T4 1 strip 94,94%
    T4 2 strip 93,67%
    Double cassette result 92,41%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi T4 is a screening test that determines the concentration of TT4 in cat sera to detect a possible hyperthyroidism.


The Fassisi T4 tests the TT4 concentration of the used sample to three concentrations:

  1. the TT4 concentration is above 80 ng/ml
  2. the TT4 concentration is between 40 and 80 ng/ml
  3. the TT4 concentration is below 40 ng/ml


Note that the test has a "competitive" test setup. This means that in the case of a positive test result, e.g. with a high TT4 level (> 80 ng/ml) and a correspondingly strong hyperthyroidism, no test lines are visible in the evaluation field. In case of a negative test result, i.e. a TT4 level < 40 ng/ml, both test lines can be seen.


The detection limits of the Fassisi T4 test are based on the recommendations for the drug Vidalta® from MSD (Vidalta® 10 mg for diagnosed mild hyperthyroidism and Vidalta® 15 mg for diagnosed severe hyperthyroidism).


The Fassisi T4 test was tested based on the laboratory standard by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and has been confirmed as a test.