Fassisi BoviPreg

The bovine PAG pregnancy test controls the pregnancy asssociated glycoprotein PAG

  • Easy on – site usage with results available in a few minutes
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used at any place without special and expensive equipment
  • Reliable after the 28th day after insemination
  • All items required are included in the test kit
  • Storage at 2–30 °C
  • BoviPreg: sensitivity 96,00%, 87,50%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi Bovipreg Pregnancy Test detects the concentration of the pregnancy-specific protein PAG in maternal blood. This protein can be detected from the 28th day after the insemination, so that the Fassisi BoviPreg test can be used for an early pregnancy diagnosis. No laboratory equipment is required, the test can be used directly on the farm.


This early and reliable pregnancy diagnosis shortens intermediate calving times and optimises the entire fertility management process. Moreover the proven protein PAG is produced only in pregnant animals. If the BoviPreg pregnancy test shows a positive result, it is quite likely that the animal is pregnant. **


* The test can be performed with whole blood as well as serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant. When using the test it is recommended to use serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant to achieve the highest possible sensitivity/specificity.

** Up to 60 days after childbirth, an elevated PAG concentration can be detected in the cow's blood. It is recommended to wait 60 days before testing a new pregnancy to avoid a false positive result.