About us

Fassisi AT

Fassisi AT GmbH was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of Fassisi GmbH Germany. The company specialises in on-site rapid test systems for monitoring the health of animals.



Tests for monitoring health

Fassisi AT

Examples of tests for monitoring health

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Tests to determine the IgG level
  • Vaccine titre tests
  • Hormone level tests



Quality management

We manufacture our products in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.



Origin of the name

Our company name "Fassisi" is a compound word. It refers to the founder of the Christian Franciscan order "Francis of Assisi", who is still considered the patron saint of animals and the environment. Francis of Assisi lived in forests or in monasteries and enjoyed nature. He loved flowers, plants and especially animals. This basic idea of Francis of Assisi can be found at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

As a company in the field of veterinary diagnostics and environmental analyses, we want to do our part to enable animals and nature, as well as humans, to enjoy a higher quality of life, in the spirit of sustainability.